Hello - Thanks for visiting. I enjoy what I do.​ The process of making a website for it is very strange.

Currently I am an MPhil student in Film and Screen Studies at the University of Cambridge. My research questions mostly surround a general interest in the relationship between screen media and affective attachments to property / the symbolic capital of media objects. I'm also interested in weather patterns (esp. rain) and everyday environmental (e.g. landscaping) control on screen, queer theory, and the site of the gas station.

My photography is mostly preoccupied with architecture and domesticity, nostalgia, comfort, meeting places of the environment and the human-built world, material and commercial culture, and postal services and mail. All photos are film, my favorites being Portra 400 and JCH StreetPan 400.

I can be reached at kylierwalters @ gmail.com.